How We Work

At Ultimate Designs, our process is about client and designer working together as creative partners to design a space that is personal and unique. We allow you to dream about the big picture while we stay focused on detailed issues such as scale, proportion, style, longevity, color, balance, functionality and more.

We know that a new project or remodel can be a challenging venture, so our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you. Creating a unique and functional kitchen or bathroom takes planning, creativity, communication and coordination, and this is a process that we are passionate about.

Some clients have a very strong vision and only need help implementing their designs, while others are unsure of how to begin. Whether you need your plans reviewed before starting a project or you want someone to take it from conception to reality, we are here to help! Our process includes five phases, each depending on the complexity of your project and your needs.

Phase 1 : Design Consultation and Space Planning

This is the beginning phase if we are changing the “footprint” of your space. We consult with you about your goals on your project, then measure the space and draw the existing space with our CAD program. Then we start designing options to achieve your goals, while fully collaborating with you to make sure that we are on the right path.

Phase 2: Cabinet Design and/or Case Goods

Whether it’s for your kitchen or a commercial space, we work with the “built in” items such as cabinets or case goods, designing the colors and styles to achieve your new design.

Phase 3: Design Specifications

For interior design projects, both residential and commercial, we help you to specify all of the surfaces, fixtures and fittings for your project. This can include flooring, lighting, counters, back splash, shower and tub tile surrounds, faucets, appliances, fireplace stone or veneer, windows, doors, cabinet hardware, door hardware and cabinet accessories.

Phase 4: Project Management & Product Implementation

During this phase, we help you pull all the planning together and order your surfaces, schedule your deliveries and installations and take care of all quality control on the work that is being done. We are your advocates and the liaison between you and the contractor. We communicate any concerns on your behalf to all contracted vendors if things are not done to satisfaction, and most importantly, we make sure that you are happy with the results. You will never hear us say, “it’s good enough”. Those three words are not part of our vocabulary or collaboration!  The project is never complete until it is done right and is the best that it can possibly be.